John Boyle-Singfield is Creating Nothing

John Boyle-Singfield

Montreal-based John Boyle-Singfield is creating nothing as part of a “fund my life” project being carried out through Patreon.

He writes: “You have located your browser on a crowdfunding web page where, each month, I give to contributors a private video of my own inactivity. For example, if a person contribute 3$ per month, she-he will receive a one minute video file of me doing nothing but looking at the camera. Other contributions of 30min/month at 180$ and 60min/month at 600$ are also available.

Thanks to this project and it’s amazing participants, I will be able to distribute up to 111 videos representing 460 minutes of “doing nothing” each month, for a total of 92 hours per year. (1332 videos!)

My Story:

I am an artist living in Montreal. My work echoes a society in which the effects of technology and late capitalism have been absorbed into our bodies and altered our vision of the world. I’m particularly interested in new media by constructing complex conceptual projects and critical discourse on technology. I began my artistic practice in 2010 and I intend to continue doing so as long as possible.

Nota Bene: this “creating nothing” is more about a refusal to produce according to standard canons of cultural production. From a personal point of view, it will be the opposite because I will send a intimate video of me, each month, to anyone willing to contribute to this adventure.”

Brilliant, John!

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Author: Victoria Stanton

Montreal-based performance artist, writer, and educator Victoria Stanton explores live action, human interaction, video, film, photography, and drawing.

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